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Read more about the important financial aspects and conditions.

Legal frameworks
Dutch hospitals operate in a private, but nationally regulated healthcare system. The rates applied by the Princess Máxima Center for the treatment of international patients are in proportion to the scope of the treatment carried out and are in accordance with the applicable national and European legislation. More information on our rates can be found here.

Treatment costs
If the treatment can take place in the Princess Máxima Center, the Máxima will make an estimate of the costs of the treatment in advance. However, the actual cost of the treatment is often not known until after the treatment is completed. Bear in mind that the final costs may be higher and that the first cost estimate is always a provisional one.

Guarantee of payment
A condition for treatment at the Princess Máxima Center is that the diagnosis and treatment costs are reimbursed by a paying party. Depending on your situation, the paying party may be your health insurance company, your government, the sponsor (in the case of a clinical trial), or you yourself. You are requested to ensure either a bank guarantee statement from a paying party or payment of the full costs prior to the start of treatment.

Costs of living
For your stay in the Netherlands, you should have at least sufficient financial resources to provide for your daily living expenses (accommodation, food, drinks, clothing and transportation within the Netherlands). Expect to pay at least €50 per day per person. In some cases your health insurance or, in the case of a clinical study, the sponsor will reimburse (part of) the costs of living. However, in many cases the insurance will not reimburse costs for accompanying family. Keep this in mind. See housing matters here.