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Medical matters

Read more about the different medical matters that have to be taken into account when applying for treatment.

Medical file
After we have made an initial assessment of your application, we will contact you to exchange your medical file in a safe and timely manner. For a good assessment of treatment options at the Princess Máxima Center, it is of great importance that the medical file contains all relevant information, including patient information of the tumor/ diagnosis/ treatment summary, physical examination, radiological imaging, tumor histology, latest relevant blood results, overview of medication and other relevant matters. This information should be available in Dutch or English.

Contact with local physician
We would like to receive the patients summary and scans at the earliest opportunity from your local treating physician. We will be in close collaboration with him or her to discuss details and make coordination as smooth as possible. Likewise there will be a treating physician, next to the International office at the Máxima Center that will coordinate and plan.

The importance of a working venous device
A document concerning: venous access (PAC/ lines), nasogastric tube/feeds, drains etc. would also be helpful to receive in advance. We expect that you arrive with a good working venous device upon arrival, in order not to delay progress of treatment and keep costs as low as possible.

Current medication
Make sure to bring a supply of the current medication with you to the Máxima Center. When you arrive we will discuss with you what our pharmacy can deliver and what can stay the same. You might need to bring -with a document from your physician/ pharmacist explaining- what current medication the patient is taking and that you are allowed to travel with. Some specific airlines might need to know this in advance.

Other important medical information
If the child is currently using supportive devices for transportation and mobilization: please let us know, i.e. wheelchair, braces, etc.

Specific information which is needed: microbiological cultures, resistance to bacteria (that we will need to consider), virology status, specific measures for isolation.