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CAR-T treatment is a new option for children and adolescents with precursor-B acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). It is a revolutionary approach where patient-derived lymphocytes are trained in the laboratory to recognize and destroy leukemic cells.

Using this approach patients can be effectively treated, avoiding the side effects of high dose chemotherapy or donor stem cell transplantation. Whether this treatment is the best option for an individual patient requires a well-balanced decision making process by a team with broad experience in all available options. CAR-T preparations are available from commercial suppliers, at a high cost, or in some cases in studies. During the intake and evaluation phase it will become clear whether this treatment is appropriate and available.

After having decided to start CAR-T therapy, the next phase will involve acquiring patient derived T lymphocytes through apheresis. During the manufacturing process, requiring several weeks, the patient needs tailored treatment to bridge this time frame. Once the product has been approved for use, a limited dose chemotherapy is needed in preparation.

After administering the CAR-T cells, they will become active in recognizing and killing the leukemic cells. This can come with side effects, for which careful monitoring is needed. After several weeks the risk for side effects weans off and the patient can return home.

Our team is amongst the most experienced European centers regarding CAR-T therapy.

The CAR-T Team
  • Dr. Friso Calkoen, transplant oncologist and CAR T-lead
  • Dr. Caroline Lindemans, transplant oncologist
  • Dr. Britta Vormoor, transplant oncologist
  • Dr. Henk Visscher, transplant oncologist
  • Dr. Marc Bierings, transplant oncologist
  • Marieke van der Vlugt, nurse practitioner