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Other treatments

For our international patients, the Princess Máxima Center focuses primarily on a number of selected treatments, namely: 131I MIBG therapy, complex surgery (kidney tumor (partial nephrectomy) , rare tumors and neuroblastoma), CAR-T treatment, allogeneic stem cell transplants, AMORE treatment and phase I/II studies.

Under certain conditions, other pediatric oncology indications also qualify for treatment in our center. For this, at least the following conditions must be met: 

  • It is not possible to get the required treatment in the patient's own country 
  • The required treatment is available at the Princess Máxima Center 
  • The required treatment fits within the capacity of the Princess Máxima Center 

Each referral will be assessed individually for suitability and response will be guaranteed within two weeks (depending on all suitable documentation has been received in good manner).

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