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Why we treat international patients

As the largest pediatric oncology center in Europe, we look beyond our national borders. Below you'll find a short background on why.
Unique mission

In 2018, the Princess Máxima Center opened; a center where the best healthcare professionals and researchers come together in the field of pediatric oncology, to work together on a unique mission: to cure every child with cancer, with optimal quality of life. A mission that is still urgent, because in the Netherlands one in four children with cancer dies and many children who do survive, experience the late consequences of treatments later on in live.


The board of the Princess Máxima Center is formed by the founders: parents of patients and professionals. By bringing together all the patients and experts in the Netherlands in one place, an impetus is given to the quality of treatment and various forms of childhood cancer can be better studied, including the rare forms. This makes us a leader in the world.

Interaction between care and research

At the Princess Máxima Center, care and research into childhood cancer work together in an integrated manner: the care team is part of the research team and vice versa. This manifests in disease committees, where together the treatment methods for tomorrow are developed. But also in the so-called tumor-boards, where doctors and researchers discuss all children and their clinical case is discussed in a multi-disciplinary fashion.

New perspectives

Collaboration opens up new perspectives. This unique method of working at the Princess Máxima Center ensures that we contribute to and benefit optimally from developments in science. In addition to today's care, we develop tomorrow's treatments.

International care

The Princess Máxima Center works together with other hospitals and professionals to provide the best pediatric oncology care. We also open up selected treatments to children from other parts of the world. We offer highly specialized care for those who need it and where a local or international center might not be available. For specific treatments, such as 131I-MIBG therapy, complex surgery, CAR-T, allogeneic stem cell therapy, early clinical trials and brachytherapy for patients with sarcoma, the Máxima Center has developed expertise and offers these treatments to those who need it. Our International Patients Office welcomes and assists children and their parents in guidance, treatment during their stay in our center.